10 Best Pet Carriers

10 Best Pet Carriers

As the holidays approach, pet owners may struggle deciding whether or not they should bring their cat Mittens or their dog Spot with them on vacation. They might look at the laundry list of questions they have about traveling with their pet and feel overwhelmed: Which pet carriers are airline approved? How can they ensure there’s … Read more

10 Best Automatic Pet Feeders

We’ve all had those rushed mornings, late work nights, or days stuck in traffic where you can’t feed Fido breakfast or dinner right on time. Or those weekends when we generously add toppings onto our dog’s food, unintentionally giving her health problems. With automatic pet feeders, you can ensure that you feed your dog the … Read more

10 Best Flea and Tick Prevention Products for Your Pet

Most pet owners are aware of the importance of flea and tick prevention for their animals. Apart from being itchy, uncomfortable and painful for your pets, fleas and ticks can lead to more serious issues if left unchecked. They can soon lead to hair loss and many ticks carry a number of diseases, including serious … Read more

Why Do Dogs Eat Cat Food?

While it’s true that many dogs will try to eat just about anything they can get to, the thing that seems to be the most tempting for them is cat food. Sure, it’s true that on the surface, cat food and dog food seems very similar. However, there are some very important differences. First of … Read more

Why Do Dogs Dream?

Most dog owners have experienced this at least once- you’re sitting there lounging on the couch after a long day, trying to unwind. Then, suddenly, you hear some scratching and whimpering. You worry about what is going on- and you rush to make sure your dog is okay. You find him sleeping peacefully- is it … Read more

Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?

Why Do Dogs Eat Their Poop? Dogs are much like humans and have their own motives for the way they behave. Dogs eat their poop for a variety of reasons, based on: age, training, living conditions, and diet. There are basically five different reasons that your dog may be eating his poop. He Was Born … Read more

15 Ways Dogs Make Humans Healthier

Your dog is your best friend. We know! Did you know your dog may be able to keep your doctor away better than any apple? Okay, maybe not quite as well, but it’s pretty close. There are some pretty major physiological and psychological benefits you get just by being a dog parent. How would you … Read more

Why Do Cats Wag Their Tails?

A tail can tell many tales. We all have that image of a friendly dog who with his tail frantically wagging so hard it seems as though he may take off. In this case, the message is pretty clear- you have a happy dog. However, according to the experts, in some cases, the message isn’t … Read more

Why Do Cats Hiss?

A hiss is a sound that every cat owner has heard at some time. Even if you believe that you have the sweetest, most perfect cat on the planet- if he has ever felt threatened or needed to warn a potential enemy- he has probably hissed at some point in his life. While hissing may … Read more

Why Do Dogs Lick Their Feet?

This is a very common question among dog owners. Could it be a medical problem or a behavioral one? Why won’t they stop? Could it be harmful for them to lick their feet? The truth is that these questions really don’t have a simple answer. Anytime you have a question about your dog where a … Read more